Magic rosin

Here is a great incentive for practice. Its for sale at the Lohse Studio of Music. its purified distilled pine sap. All the impurities such a turpentine have been removed. with the result the rosin produces a great sound even on the student bows. Its hypoallergenic.

About Lohse Studio of Music

Robin Lohse has been introducing young children to the joys of music since the early eighties. Her first student was her daughter who is now a professional violinist. Dolly Koritzer of Romania origins has been a great influence and mentor for Robin ince the mid 1990’s, Robin has been a member of the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association (GPSA) and sat on the Board of Directors. She is a member of the String Teacher’s Group which has organized the GPSA String Play-In each year in Philadelphia. Recently one of her piano students perform for the graduation Recital at the Germantown Settlement Music School .
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