West Coast Strings “Peter Kauffman” Violin

The “Peter Kauffman” Violin – $1550 List price

  • Indian ebony fingerboard, ebony trim on pegs
  • Lightweight instrument
  • Beautifully flamed maple and Italian spruce
  • Antique, reddish brown varnish
  • Model: Guarneri
  • Outstanding craftsmanship suitable for advanced player.
  • Transparent, warm sound
  • Aubert French Bridge
  • Dominant or Helicore Strings option
  • Bows: not included
List price $1550, discounted 30% to $1039
PA Sales Tax: $62.37  Total: $1080
Deposit: $542 (1/2 instrument value held in escrow)
Using Rental Option:
Eight monthly rental installments of $135
Credit Card Option available e
Instrument OWNED after 8 months (with remaining balance deposited in escrow)
One 100% credit given on any upgrade.

2 Responses to West Coast Strings “Peter Kauffman” Violin

  1. Debbie Dinkel says:

    Is this instrument still available? (Peter Kauffman violin for $910)


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