Scott Cao SYC150 “Scotti” Beginner Cello Outfit

The “Scotti” Cello – $735

Scott Cao "Scotti" SYC 150 Cello Front and Back Image

A high quality beginner cello model from acclaimed instrument maker Scott Cao

  • Chinese maple and spruce built and varnished in Guangzhou
  • Brazilwood, horsehair bow
  • “Scotti” cello case
  • Indian ebony fingerboard and rosewood fittings
  • Set-up with Prelude strings and Chinese bridge
  • Add $200 for step-up with Dominant strings and Aubert bridge
  • Antique oil varnish
  • Copy of famous instrument
  • Sizes: 1/8 – 4/4
List Price $1250  discounted to $895.
Deposit: $437.5  (half of instrument value held in escrow)
Monthly Rental: $218 in four monthly installments with escrow
Credit card and online payment options available
Or 10 monthly installments of $89 using the Venmo option
Instrument OWNED after escrow is deposited
One half credit given on any upgrade

2 Responses to Scott Cao SYC150 “Scotti” Beginner Cello Outfit

  1. Dianne Douglas says:

    We would like to purchase the Scotti cello full size with the Dominant strings and Aubert bridge.
    What would the shipping and handling fee be to Texas?
    Thank you for your time,
    Dianne Douglas


    • robinlohse says:

      To answer your question I will contact Scott Cao to see what they charge for shipping . I would think to sen out your request it could be between $25 to $50. That would include the cost of the container and insurance. From CA to TX.


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